Since early childhood, I have always been involved with photography. My passion began with a 110 film camera, which evolved into 35mm color photography, 35mm black & white, a complete dark room, and now, with the advancements of digital photography, my obsession continues to grow.

I began studying photography on a more scholastic level in high school and continued this practice through my college years. Although a genuine first love, computers quickly found a spot in my heart, as well. Due to this, I attained a degree in Computer Sciences from New York University at Stony Brook and am currently working in Information Technology. Although most passions can be dissected, I soon realized that these two devotions are actually well-connected and complement one another. What better way to perfect a captured image then with the support of a computer? A bone fide match between my right and left brain, these two passions can truly make a photograph priceless.

It has been in recent years that this devout skill began to transform into a business. A lover of the world and the people who fill it, my fondness for photography has found its place in my ever-changing life. Upon reaching adulthood, I have witnessed loved ones finding their soul mates and children being brought into this world. My assistance in capturing these heartfelt events was something that came naturally and I looked towards with flair and eagerness. My ‘clientele’ has grown from people I have known all my life, to people I get to know intimately after a few short hours. There is a true bond that stems from being a part of any person’s ‘special day’ or life experience and I am always honored to play a role.